Types of Dessert You Should Know

Dessert plays an important part in meals since it is the end of the meal and helps us to finish all the dishes with a sweet and fulfilled ending. There are so many types of desserts according to the recipes and the ingredients, some of them even have subtypes. You can look for the information about desserts and how to make them easily with different types of texture and flavor. Actually, all the desserts share a common quality of sweetness and taste. That sweetness is considered the major factor for customers to end the meal successfully. This post will show you some core kinds of dessert that you should know and how to prepare some of them.

Custards And Puddings

When mentioning the custards and puddings, we often think of a thickened dairy base with a creamy topping and cake. According to the type of thickener, we can know that the dessert is custard or pudding. Custard is the combination of eggs and other components and the thickener is eggs which are cooked and thickened carefully. When talking to custard, we shouldn’t forget to mention about flan and crème Brulee, two typical types of custard.

Baked custard

On the other hand, if the thickener is starch, we have puddings. Two common types of pudding are tapioca and rice. There are two different types of pudding – vegan and instant pudding.

Frozen Desserts

On a summer day, the best thing you want after a big meal must be ice cream. Nothing can be better than an ice cream with fruit flavor. An ice cream is made by freezing the cream stirred in a churn. The consistency of cream relies on gelato – milk-based ingredients added into the cream mixture. If you are a fan of custard and really want something cooler in summer, try egg yolk which is a frozen version.

Moreover, if you need something that doesn’t provide too many calories, have a sorbet – a dairy – free dessert made from fruit purees. Using yogurt as dessert is a good choice to enhance the work of your digest system after a big meal with many types of meat. Frozen yogurt is the best choice for people, especially for kids, who really love ice cream and other desserts like that.

Dessert Ice cream

There is a fact that you should know is that the frozen desserts are often richer in fat and sugar in comparison with other types of dessert. That’s the reason why when eating; the amount of sugar, as well as calories, should be estimated carefully. Using fat – free products might make the dessert lighter in nutrition and sugar without breaking the initial taste and flavor.


People often think that cakes are only for parties. However, cakes are considered one of the most common types of dessert with tender and sweet feelings brought to clients. There are countless types of cakes which can be done with or without the oven.

The main ingredients of cakes are flour, eggs, and cream. To add flavors, people often use sweeteners such as cocoa powders, fruits or chocolate. In fact, a good dessert cook is the one who can control the moist and the texture of the cake since it can be easily broken just by a wrong scaling. That’s the reason why baking for dessert is such a task of a challenge. The size of the cakes for desserts varies from small sizes such as cupcakes and snack cakes to a bigger size that can be divided into smaller pieces.


Originally, cookies are small cakes. It’s named after a Dutch word means “little cake”. The cookies were made by using a spoon to divide the cake batter into similar small parts. Each spoonful can make one cookie. The cookies were first baked to test the oven before the thermometer was invented.


You can make your cookies in various shape, size, texture and flavor, but there are some factors that you should not change if you want your products to be called cookies. First of all, the ingredients for the cookies must be a sweetener, flour, butter, and eggs. A perfect cookie must consist of these ingredients to create a traditional and unique flavor and texture. You can add additional materials to make some differences such as chocolate chips, soft sugar cookies, chewy oatmeal… The hardness of your cookies should be calculated carefully because some people don’t like desserts that are too hard to eat.

Chocolates And Candies

When mentioning sweets, we shouldn’t forget to mention about chocolates and candies. They are products created from the crystallization of sugar. The sugar crystals are the main components of the candy and decide the texture of them. If the size of the crystals is big, the candy would be hard and vice versa. In fact, candy and chocolate can combine with other ingredients to make awesome desserts.

There are some names that you might have heard before including caramel, marshmallows, cotton candy and black chocolates. Though these products are very attractive, especially to children, people should not make use of them too often since they contain such a huge amount of sugar and fat which is very unhealthy. They should be used as the sweetener in some cases. Check the food label before buying to make sure the amount of fine sugar is not too high and the products are from reliable manufacturers.


There are still so many types and subtypes of dessert that I should mention if I have a chance. They are so unique and delicious also. Making dessert is considered a part of the culture in many countries including France, Spain, and China… That’s the reason why there are so many recipes for dessert using plenty kinds of food and drinks. If you want to know more about dessert around the world as well as how to make good ones for your family as the happy ending for the meals, you can look for information on the Internet or contact me through the blog about food trips.

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