How to Make Your Dessert Cholesterol – Friendly?

Nowadays, with the development of food industry and science about food and nutrition, people know more about the food and also how to keep a good shape through eating and drinking. That’s the reason why cholesterol – friendly is becoming one of the most important facts that should be put into estimation every time a food is cooked.

Many people think that they can cut down on a considerate amount of calories by ignoring the dessert after meals. Honestly, in the first few weeks, this way might seem helpful since you can actually lose some weight really fast. However, a few weeks later might be the time that you regain that weight because of craving for food, especially sweet products such as candies or cakes. In general, getting rid of desserts gives you no help comparing to reducing the number of calories in those dishes and eat with caution. Following these tips, you can make your dessert healthier with less cholesterol – one of the main factors that cause your blood pressure increase and make you feel hungry.

Dessert tips and tricks

  1. Do It Yourself

With the desserts that are made by you, a number of ingredients and the number of them can be controlled easily. Some of the ingredients with a high amount of fat and calories can be replaced by others that are cholesterol – friendly and fat – free. Making desserts might be time – consuming in some occasions, but the benefits it brings to use is quite worthy.

The options for you are endless since there are thousands of materials and recipes of desserts for people who are on diet. Low calories desserts are really good for your health, even if you are not a person who has to lose some weight. Maintaining a healthy diet with dessert is crucial to everyone and an effective method to make this dish fat – free is to make them yourself. Make sure that you know how to substitute ingredients with others that have similar usage with fewer amounts of fat and sugar.

  1. Check The Amount Of Fat And Sugar In Your Desserts

Choosing to make your own desserts or buy them from a local store, you still need to check the amount of fat and sugar from those sources. With the products from stores and supermarkets, the first thing you should take a look is the food labels. Some products might contain a high amount of fine sugar, salt, and saturated fat. These ingredients might bring harmful effects to our health if we use them regularly, so don’t make use of products of these kinds too much. For example, the most common types of culprits are cookies, icing, cakes, and pastries. Moreover, some types of pudding and whipped cream might contain those kinds of sugar to create creamy flavor and make the taste sweeter.


On the other hand, there are also various types of ingredient for dietary sessions. However, it is necessary to plan to use them efficiently so that your dessert can taste as good as possible. Following your healthy diet is the priority that you should consider before making any types of dessert.

  1. Using Yogurt

You might not know a fact that a small dessert can help you satisfy you’re craving for food without boosting your lipid level. In fact, there is a type of dessert that you can make use of whenever you want. That’s yogurt. Another thing that makes yogurt an amazing selection is that it can replace cream or butter in some recipes to make fat – free dessert. Try adding a small amount of yogurt in your fruit or cake and see the difference.

In fact, helpful bacteria in yogurt can create favorable conditions for the digest system to work properly. On the other hand, yogurt actually provides a certain amount of sugar as the sweetener, so you should check the food label carefully. Only use the products which are labeled “fat – free” or “sugar – free” to make your dessert healthier and easier to consume. In fact, you can replace regular ice cream with yogurt to reduce the fat intake but still satisfy with cold and sweet flavors.

  1. Using Fruits In Dessert

Fruit is considered one of the most vital components in most types of dessert. In fact, it is quite healthy if you use fruit directly at the end of your lunch or dinner. The natural sweetness of fruits can help you feel more relaxed as well as provide a certain amount of fiber that is very helpful in digesting foods. Actually, the best way to eat fruits after meals are using them combines with other ingredients such as yogurt or low – fat pudding. If you are more skillful in making desserts, adding some into cakes can be awesome.

Easy dessert recipes

Basically, all fruits are healthy and can be used in multiple ways, so all you need to think of is combining fruits with proper ingredients to create delicious desserts. Another thing you should put into consideration is the fruit selection. You should choose types that are in season since they will produce natural sweetness comparing to others and easier to buy with a low price. Some fruits contain more sugar than others, though the natural sugar doesn’t harm much, but the calories intake is something that you might concern when using dessert. That’s the reason why you should choose fewer sugar fruits in order to maintain the calories intake.

Another method of making a dessert that you could make use of is smoothies. In fact, sweet smoothies can be helpful in strengthen your health and reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood. If possible, combine them with some green ingredients such as green tea or vegetables to maximize the advantages of this drink.

These are some simple tips you should know to make your dessert cholesterol – friendly. If you want to know more tips and tricks as well as techniques in making your dishes better and healthier, please visit my website about food and drinks.

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