How to Make Smoothies – Best Desserts for Dinner Parties

With any types of dessert, you have to stick to some certain recipes so as to produce right flavors and smells as well as maintain the texture of your products. However, with smoothies, you can leave the work for your creativity and your mind. In this post, I will show you some small tips and tricks so that you can make various kinds of smoothies without remembering all the recipes.

The most important factor you should keep in mind when making this type of dessert is the ingredients of all kinds. The smoothies’ greatness is decided by its texture, taste, and the creamy flavor. You have to achieve all these 3 criteria to actually make a perfect dessert for some special occasions such as dinner or pool parties. In addition, I will introduce to you some weird but worth ways to make use of such difficult ingredients like nuts or vegetables so that your smoothies can stand out in both taste and appearance. Don’t worry if you can’t do right at first, time will teach you more than I can.


Old But Gold: Sweet Smoothies With Sweet Flavors

Though you can think of various tastes for your dessert, sweet smoothies from fruits and cream would never let you down. Especially when you want something sweet to eat after a big meal but you can’t do something such as baked dessert, juice or coffee, smoothies is such a good choice. In fact, if you want to change the way people make smoothies with boring recipes, ingredient substitution is quite easy and acceptable as well.

In some situations, you don’t have to add creams into your mixture as usual. Just replace it with other types of milk product like yogurt or cashews. The result would be something you might not know before but still excellent. If your choice for caramel or sugar is limited and you don’t have time to make some more, use natural sweetening materials such as dates. The sweetness is quite special and unique. Chocolate can make you put on some weight, but with the help of cocoa powder, you can still keep the dark and bitter flavor and get rid of a considerate amount of calories in your dessert.

For people who are interested in using baking spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, applying them into smoothies might be a little bit risky but worth. However, you should put them in with just really small quantities so that people don’t feel too annoying with strange tastes.

Make smoothies for dessert

Below are some really sweet ingredients that you can combine together in a flexible ratio so as to make them suitable to your food taste:

  • Liquids: all kinds of juice, coffee, dairy products, coconut water or milk.
  • Fruits: berries, banana, apples, apricots, pumpkin, peaches.
  • Herbs: vanilla, allspice, basil, cinnamon.

There is another thing that should be reminded when you make smoothies: if you don’t have nut milk, use nut butter with water to replace it. A better solution would be a mixture of water and raw nuts blended together by a high – speed blender.

A New Step: Green Smoothies

Many people don’t like green smoothies, but others are passionate about them. It truly is a rising trend this year with the combination of cream and vegetables. The taste of theses smoothies might range from grotesque to amazing depending on your knowledge about original taste and smell of vegetables. That’s the reason why I’m here to help you accumulate experiences in choosing and using vegetables in smoothies to make this type of dessert one of the best in the world.

Basically, there are two main ways to make use of green ingredients in smoothies with different flavors and tastes. The first method is to hide the smell of green vegetables inside a cover of sweet smoothies. If you are looking for a good example, try to use spinach, you can easily override the taste by using other flavors without losing the green color of your smoothies. Another way is to use other approaching such as sweet or savory. It might be weird at first, but sometimes you should try something new and similar to the way people make soup and salad. Taste your product before making a general recipe for a green smoothie. Though the taste would be difficult to consume, the benefits of your dessert would be undeniable. Some types of herb would be great and bring both sweet and savory flavor to your dessert so you should make use of them also.

Easy smoothies

Utilize your ingredients smartly to create the best color since it affects the flavor as well. Don’t forget to check the color of your smoothies. They can’t be good if the color is brown or gray. Be careful with your experiments.

Below are some ingredients for a successful green smoothie:

  • Liquids: green tea, coconut water, fresh juices
  • Fruits: pineapples, pears, grapes, melon
  • Vegetables: cucumber, lettuce, arugula, dandelion, sorrel.
  • Herbs: ginger, dill, garlic, thyme

In fact, it’s quite a task of a challenge to make use of green ingredients in your smoothies since they have such unique tastes and smells. Sometimes if your kids don’t want to eat a vegetable in their meals, it is a good choice to make them consume this type of food. However, be precise with the amount of green you put in since the taste and be too bitter or too insipid.

Making smoothies is not all about the ingredients but also about the texture and additional sweeteners. If you really want your desserts to be charming and attractive in both appearance and quality, you should dig deeper into some advanced techniques and see how they go when applying into real situations. Making smoothies is not hard at all, but having good smoothies without looking for too many recipes is not a piece of cake. Last but not least, practice is the key to success so don’t be lazy and depend on the recipes too much. It’s your kitchen and your chance to be better at cooking!

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